I stand and stare at the open sea.

I can hear nothing but the screams of shipwrecks. All I can see is the wreckage to come. The horizon appears to be nothing but splintered dreams and sinking hopes. 

I let my eyes fall to the feet beneath where the constrictors of chains coil and squeeze. I am but nothing more than a prisoner on this here shore. 

I look up to the captain, my captor. I feel the desperation in my respiration. I look into his hardened eyes and warn him of the cries to come. He laughs. 

"This ship is to set sail for Rome, and you are to come. Don't you remember it was your zeal that made this appeal? So to Caesar you will go, I am solely the retriever."

That southern breeze is nothing more than a tease reminding me that I am the least of these. It is the cue to the crew that is time to go.

So they hurry to grab the prisoners, and load the cargo. Including me as they tighten their grip to pull upon my chains as a leash. As a dog being led to the kill shelter at sea.

Anchors weighed.

Sails filled.

Land disappeared.

Despair guaranteed.

The beauty of the sea is that she is humbly a beast, Quiet and still...until she wants her fill. So when that Northeaster roared we became a feast for her. 

The battering began and so did the shattering. So we each took our ropes to run under each of our ships. Maybe, just maybe we can hold it together, If we get our ropes tight enough maybe it will hide our trembling lips. 

Just as the sun and stars vanished in the raging of the sea, so did our hopes. And those ropes we once believed to be our saving grace began to fray. After all it is our hearts that are prone to betray..

Maybe its not too late if we just get rid of all our weight? So crate by crate into the sea went all the things we once held dear. But, this ship, sinking, is encumbered by fear. 

I look to the crew and captain who once thought they were in control; all I see is fellow captives. 

The captain has lost that confident grin as realizes that he is me. And I am him. Captains. Captors. Captives to each of our ships.

Now from this here shore I look back at that there shore where the captain, my captor, looked down upon me in the chains that constricted me. But, in that shipwreck my chains became reins and I set my captor free. He looks up to me with his softened eyes and he cries..