Words & Art.

Words surround us, and consume us all the time. From media. From politicians. From friends. From family. Some good. Some bad. We have books and poetry filled with beautiful imagery. But when asked to describe God, do not all these words stumble and falter? Attempts are made always, yes, but are they not merely attempts? Always falling short? Indeed they are.

Is this to say we are to not think, to write, to dream? By no means. He gave us the ability to do all these things to his glory. To see glimpses of His beauty. Have you ever read a line in literature and your heart stirs? Have you ever greeted a metaphor as a new friend to soon find it as a lover that changes the way you see the world? What about a painting that catches your gaze to soon find yourself embarking into a foreign land?

The real beauty is not in the words of your favorite novel, a painting, or a breathtaking photo. The real beauty is in the author's, the poet's, the artist's mind, in his dreams, in her creativity, in imagination itself. In the Creator of imagination himself.

Let us dream. Let us write. Let us create. Let us live. All to His glory.