A Psalm pt. 2

There it is; a beacon of light. It just might?

Could it be? 

Has the King himself come to save me? 

A voice beckons:

"Child, child do you not see? 

I exist and abound in this very sea. 

You sink and drown from your doubt and fear. 

You have ears, but do you hear?

Look to me. Just look at me. 

Your focus, that is what broke us. 

Just come to me and be free.

Child, child do you not see?

I exist and abound in this dark sea.

I control its very tide. Come and abide. 

Abide in me, I am light personified."

The waves, they cave

But, for you I crave

You save me in these dark seas

So I will sing

"You are King. You are King. The One who frees me in these dark seas."