To Go

Well, today is the last day in the states(well technically I just landed in the DR) for awhile. The next few months will be spent in the Dominican Republic. I can't help but reflect on how I came to this decision, and the reason to go. 

If you know me now you probably would never guess that when I was kid I was scared to spend the night away from home. Now, I don't even know where home is, is it my tent in the Alps, the back of my Subaru, on the floor of best friends apartments, or will it be in Jarabacoa? The jury is still out on that one, but one thing is clear I am not hesitant to go. What changed? Why go?

I don't know when I was no longer scared to be away from home, maybe it was just a childhood fear that I got too tall for. But, before I knew it I dreamt of wild spaces and foreign places. I have been extremely fortunate to have seen some of those day dreams come true. Step by step I found myself grateful, and blown away by the way the Lord has used each experience even if it took me a long time to see. With that I also found myself with a fear of stagnation. A fear that if I got too comfortable I would be engulfed by the motions and find myself resuscitated just in time to realize that I hadn't trusted Jesus' promises of a life to the full. I want to be careful in saying that though. One doesn't need to go abroad to experience the promise He is offering, we can each day in the office or neighborhood, it's a posture of the heart not the place or situation. 
But the fear of stagnation comes with opposition. The desire to be rooted in community. To plant. To water. To see relationships grow and flourish. Surely that can happen over distance, but that is a battle of its own. I digress, back to the point: why are you going? 

In short: Freedom. I had found myself in a unique place as I exited university. No debt. No mortgage. No lease. No kids. No significant other. No set destination. What I did have was the immense freedom found in Christ.  As I realized this I felt a conviction overcome my heart. One that wasn't necessarily new, but stronger now. It begins with that my life is not my own, it was bought at a price, and it an ends with a desire to serve and follow. I don't want this rare freedom to go to waste. Jesus is good. And his King. So, to him I entrust my freedom. Striving to follow the spirits lead is what has brought me here. I don't know what he is going to do, but I can trust He will move in big ways. I am looking forward to this time in the DR, and sharing how He moves.