A Baptism

Into the forest alone I entered. Well me, who others say I am, what the world expects of me and who others want me to be. I carry them in the bottom of the pack of my mind often forgetting they are there.

One step after the other, wandering. Eyes watching my step, careful not to stumble on the roots and rocks.

The trees begin to scream "Do you not see? Won't you look at me?"

Eyes shifted upward as their branches reached heavenward.

The granite cliffs, gods themselves, were but nothing more than a cathedral. This place. This place was a place of worship you see.

Wandering. Wandering. Wandering.

Wondering. Wondering. Wondering.

Wondering why this pack is feeling so heavy.

The untouched peak looks down upon me asking "Won't you come and see?"

With an eager heart I race for the summit. Climbing higher and higher......and higher.

The trees but twigs now. The forest creatures: dust now. It is just me and the wolves of the wind as they begin to howl, leaving no room for my voice.

This pack of mine is weighing me down now. Why is it so heavy? There isn't that much in here? So I begin to search. To find that it isn't just me here, but I have been carrying who you want me to be, who they want me to be, what they all want me to be.

If I am to continue on I must leave it all behind, it must just be me.

The wind whips and strips away who I once was. I am not who you want me to be. Who they want me to be.  I am but a speck. I am but the moss atop this rock. Here in this moment I am nothing, here in this moment I am free. Free to be who I was created to be. Today, I am nothing and everything.