A seeker of truth. Of life.

I'm a paradox. The chief of sinners. A saint.

I am nothing. Yet worth everything.

My name is John, and I am many things just as you are. Most of all I am a product of grace. I owe all I am to Christ. My hope is that all I do, all I am is an outpouring of this. Including this site. As I spew words out they may fall short or they may not as I write about thoughts, passions, struggles and life in general my hope is this place will be found encouraging. A place of connection, not of comparison. As I seek to capture images of beauty I hope they will serve to inspire. CS Lewis explored the concept of beauty extensively concluding that all the beauty of nature points to absolute Beauty, or the transcendent source of all beauty and good; The Great I Am, God Himself. Whatever beauty I may manage to capture, or create may it extend beyond itself as a testament of God's goodness.